Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tree directions

here's how i made my tree
heritage: cut the tree size fit to page then  cut it  four times
the charms are cut from the charms function bottom on heritage  cut two for the front and the back also cut the middle and so are the leaves cut at 1/2,
layer 2 of the trees together creating two  then in middle hot glue a skewer between the two layer making sure that you have room poke the skewer though the top layer of base. hot gluing the skewer into place
elegant edges: the base is cut at top layer at 3 1/2 and the bottom layer at 4 inches
then cut a strip that is 2 inches wide scoring at 1/2 inch on both side cut notches out of the strip.
for the roses are cut from mothers day bouquet or any five pedal flower  will work then shape using a foam pad and a stylus
i hope this helps feel free to email me any question

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