Thursday, January 26, 2012


hello everyone i made these laides with the art nouveau, mothers day bouqeut, and elgant edges,  i cut the ladies out a 8 inches and all the layers inculding the shadow, i used a sekwer for the pole  which i wrapped in ribbon, then i cut out the base with ahole in the middle, i cut them out four times layering them together the top i made 3 1/2 and the bottom i made 4 for the middle i cut a pieace 2 inches wide and then scored at 1/2 inch on both sides then made notches along both edges to make the paper form a circle easier,the glues it all together, for the flowers i cut a five pedtal flower out 4 time the shaped then make the rose  kathy from paper phoemon has a great video on how to make then, then hot glued them on thanks for looking everyone i hope to make a video on how to make these.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!

Hello everyone!! Happy new year to you all, my new year resolution for this new year is start blogging more, because I would like to get on a design team with someone like above rubies studio, this may be a little  challenging since right now I am without a computer thank goodness for the library. thank you all see you soon.